The blare of the conch shell, herald victory, embarking the start of a new venture, with this ethos, we the people of AITH welcome you to our sumptuous Annual Techno-Cultural and Literary fest. SHANKHNAAD. This will be a feast to your soul and mind. With all the novice celebration, it will be a memorable episode. With the adventure of treasure hunt, to the humor of stand-up comedy, and wrapped with the grace of soulful music, it will be an extravaganza experience. Do join us to celebrate your joy to the fullest and give a try to this happening occurrence.

About Us

Dr. Ambedkar Institute of Technology for Handicapped, Kanpur with the motto of "न दैन्यम् न पलायनम्" is again ready to bring along all of you and rejuvenate you with an extreme amount of pure happiness and ecstasy. The annual socio-cultural event Shankhnaad 2020 is waiting at your doorstep to incarnate the memories which last a lifetime.

So, let us give ourselves this eternal essence of incredible human experience with an enchanting fusion of a three-day-long literary, musical, and artistic events and have an escape from all the bitterness in life. Embrace yourself for another cultural extravaganza.

"उठे जो स्वर तो अच्छा है,
पर उठे, आज धीमे ही सही,
मिलकर जो आएगी आवाज़,
तो गूंजेगा शंखनाद भी यहीं।"