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Date Events Timing
27-Feb-2020 Technical Session with guests 10am to 12pm
27-Feb-2020 Bionanza: Live Model 12pm to 1pm
27-Feb-2020 Bio Cynosure: Poster Presentation 2pm to 4pm
28-Feb-2020 Interaction with Experts 10am to 12pm
28-Feb-2020 Extempore 12pm to 1pm
28-Feb-2020 Chroma-Streak: Microflora Art 2pm to 3pm
28-Feb-2020 Biofox: Quiz 3pm to 4pm

*Technical session on 'Industrial Enzyme: An Overview' by Prof. S. Chandra, IIT Delhi*


Prof. Vinay Kumar Pathak (Hon'ble Vice-Chancellor AKTU)

The rate at which this college is enhancing makes me feel so proud .I am awestruck by these beautiful performances.

Prof. Rachna Asthana (Director)

Biotechnology department always comes up with the new episodes of challenges and their face off in this developing era , this time biofest is organized by the department to bring out the hidden abilities of the students to show their caliber in inventive creativity they have , I wish them all the luck

Manish Singh Rajput (HOD)

Biofest is the the cherry on the top of all the technical fiesta's. It's full of novoice ideas of live models and onspot accuracy with quizzes. Here the creative ideas are all supported by the faculty and colleagues . The efficiency of the brain is monitored , and fully acknowledged . Here it's the arena for innovation.

Prof. Shubhash Chandra

Prof. Subhas Chandra is an eminent professor of Indian Institute of Technology Delhi at the Department of Biochemical Engineering and Biotechnology. He has greatly contributed in the field of enzyme and provided special recognition to the enzymatic study in India at an international platform. The horizon of enzymes widened radically under his guidance.

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Biofest is the annual technical festival of the Department of Biotechnology, Dr AITH Kanpur. Biofest promotes and conducts numerous events aimed to enlighten the students of all spheres of education in the field of Biotechnology. Biofest 2020 is being organised from 27th to 28th February 2020 in Dr AITH Kanpur.
It will contain all the enthusiasm and zest with the events like bioquiz , live model , on spot and microflora art it will be a great opportunity for the participants to explore more about their skills in this specific field. As biotechnology is the hot topic in the world regarding all the advance medical facilities it furnishes , so this event will mark ,all the current advancement going on. We have even utilized the tiny microbes in the work of art , via microflora art , so it will certainly tell you the way we make artistic furtherance along with technical skills.